Restoration Update: Lime Mortar Details

One of the most exciting parts of the restoration is discovering the details in the original craftsmanship. While Wayne Thompson has been restoring the mortar between the bricks on the face of the Slave Quarters, he has taken the time to point out some interesting details.



The original lime mortar mix has deteriorated over time and each brick is being re-mortared by hand with a lime compound that will dry to the same color as the original in 14 days. While working on the jack arches, Wayne noticed a unique detail – the finished joints have a significant bead point in the mortar. While many have been reduced over time, he took a few shots to show the detail.




Now, the task is to recreate this bead point in the jack arches, one at a time.




The face of the building is slated to be complete by Friday.


And for a different perspective, a view of the house from the height of the scaffolding, or the second floor of the Slave Quarters.



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